Welcome fellow cat enthusiasts!

Search no more! Your have found the perfect place to soon call yourself the owner of one of 3,333 unique cats. Some nice kittens, some bad kittens, some real badass kittens and a bunch of misfits. There is the perfect furry friend for every cat lover! 

Release details will be announced soon.


1. Smooth launch and marketplace: The first step will of course be a smooth and fair launch, followed by a listing on a marketplace. For those of you who want to sell their kittens, you will be able to.

2. Charity donation: We like that new trend of NFT projects making positive impacts outside the NFT world. After our sale, 10% of our sales will go to a charity. You as our community can decide to whom we are going to give our love.


3. Royalties: We will take 5% royalties from the aftermarket sales, but none of them will go to our pockets. 2,5% will be donated to charity and the other 2,5% will go to new projects that heavily involve our community. You will be involved in the decision making.

4. VR project: This will be our biggest project. We don’t want to stop at pictures in your wallet – it is only the beginning. We want to build a virtual space where 3D artists can showcase their art. Think Christies of the metaverse. We will start by showcasing the kittens in a VR world but eventually we want to open it up to other 3D artists. This long-term project aims to empower the NFT artistic community and provide them with an opportunity to exhibit their artwork in an interactive way.

5. New mints and supporting new creators. We would like to support other artists and give them a platform to sell their art. Thats why we want to do collaborations with other artists and help them mint their work as NFTs and sell them on the market. Kitten holders are of course the first in line.

First of all they are fluffy. Beyond that, they are a collection of 3,333 beautifully 3D-rendered kittens, generated from handcrafted traits and skins. They want to be adopted and loved by a NFT enthusiast.

Your Kitten will be sent to your wallet right after the adoption (mint). It might take few minutes to show up.

We recommend using Phantom wallet.

We are three creators and artists. We started with one fluffy Kitten, but it wasn’t fluffy enough. So we built more and more. Now there are 3,333 fluffy Kittens!

Launch date TBA. We want the launch to be as smooth as possible, so the date will be announced once we can assure that.

We are crypto lovers and watching the solana price closely. Due to the current market volatility, the adoption fee (mint price) will be decided closer to launch. Rest assured it will be reasonably priced.

Yes, we think candy machine is the fairest way to launch atm.

No, we don’t have any pre-sale planned. We want everyone to have the same chance to adopt a kitten. You can check our twitter for giveaways before our launch!

No. One adoption per transaction. Adopt as many as you like.

We would prefer that you stay and keep your adopted kitten! However for those who want to sell, we will try to get listed as soon as possible after our launch. Check our social media channels to stay up to date.

Yes, of course, but every fluffy Kitten needs to be loved and is lovable, each in their own way. It will be released after our launch.


Andy Pawhol